Loss features in ultracold 162Dy gases: two- versus three-body processes

We quantitatively investigate the low-field (B<6G) loss features in ultracold thermal samples of 162Dy, revealing two- and three-body dominated loss processes. We investigate their temperature dependence and detect a feature compatible with a d-wave Fano-Feshbach resonance, which has not been observed before. We also analyse the expansion of the dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate as a function of the magnetic field and interpret the changes in size close to the resonances with a variation in the scattering length.
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Construction of the experimental setup

January 2023: Dysprosium atoms loaded into our optical crossed dipole trap!

July 2022: We got our first Dy MOT!

February 2022: First fluorescence signal from the oven on the 626 nm line (we have atoms!)

July 2021: The very first picture. Here we go!